Vinyl Institute Announces Staff Promotions & Additions, New Programs

ARLINGTON, Va., July 16, 2008 (VNS) – The Vinyl Institute (VI) began the month of July with staff promotions, new staff members, and a pledge from VI President Greg Bocchi to accelerate its marketing and promotional efforts to benefit vinyl resin manufacturers and the makers of vinyl products.
"It will be a busy summer for us," noted Bocchi, "as some staff responsibilities are shifted, new staff members get trained in their positions, and a new strategic plan for the organization is developed and implemented.  I plan to apply my experience and knowledge of association management to the dynamic and challenging needs of the Vinyl Institute, and continue to meet with its members and I learn how to best address their needs." 

Bocchi began as VI President May 1st, after 24 years as the Executive Director of The Powder Coating Institute.  

Allen Blakey, formerly the Senior Director of Public Affairs, has been promoted to Vice President of Industry and Government Affairs.  He has been with the Vinyl Institute for nine years, and previously spent ten years at the Environmental Industry Association, representing waste service and equipment companies.  

Judith Nordgren, formerly Director of Industry Affairs for the Flexible Division, has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing & Communications.  She has been with the Vinyl Institute for six years, and previously worked for Borden Chemicals and Plastics.

Jeff Palmer began work at the Vinyl Institute July 1st as Director of Marketing & Communications.  Previously he spent 15 years as Director of Communications with The Powder Coating Institute, and before that as Director of Communications with Ski Industries America.  

Gruschenka Moraes also joined the Vinyl Institute on July 1st as Office Manager/Administration Coordinator.  She was previously Executive Assistant -- Accreditation Operations with CAHME, the Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Management Education.  

Bocchi noted, "With an energized and experienced staff, I plan to actively increase awareness of the benefits of vinyl products for everyone -- architects, home builders, packagers, retailers, industry leaders, and consumers.  Energy consumption remains an increasing concern with everyone, and vinyl products require less energy to produce, saves energy, and reduces emissions of carbon dioxide.   

"Vinyl products are also safe, reliable, economical, durable, versatile, and recyclable.  Through direct promotion and getting in front of vinyl's detractors and their suspicious if not false claims, the Vinyl Institute is dedicated to the long-term growth and prosperity of the PVC and vinyl products industry."  

Bocchi plans to introduce a strong marketing and promotional campaign, working with other vinyl industry organizations.  

The Vinyl Institute represents the nation's leading manufacturers involved in the production of vinyl plastic, and promotes the value of vinyl to society.
For more information, contact:         Jeffrey B. Palmer    
                                                        Director of Marketing & Communications
                                                        The Vinyl Institute
                                                        (703) 741-5669

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